Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Tarot Card Meanings - Minor Arcana's Swords and Pentacles

Hi everyone! Here is the list of tarot card meanings for the Swords and Pentacles of the Minor Arcana.

Swords - aggression, force, ambition, courage and misfortune

Ace of Swords - victory, freedom, beginning of a struggle for a noble cause
Two of Swords - indecision, in need of direction
Three of Swords - disappointment, lovers separated, shattered emotions
Four of Swords - temporary exile to rejuvenate emotionally and physically
Five of Swords - temporary advancement, empty victory
Six of Swords - moving away from sorrow to a more peaceful place, smoothing of difficulties
Seven of Swords - betrayal, greed, theft without guilt
Eight of Swords - lack of confidence and motivation, indecision, temporary illness, weakness
Nine of Swords - suffering, doubt, feeling unfulfilled and useless, lack of help or understanding from others
Ten of Swords - failure, pain, tears, accepting ideas and ways of others leads to defeat and ruin
Page of Swords - patient, understanding, sensual, needs concrete results and knows how to get them
Knight of Swords - fearless, confident, career minded, will stop at nothing to get what he wants
Queen of Swords - quick and confident decisions, determined, sharp witted, always on guard
King of Swords - cautious by weighing all options before decisions, a wise counselor, powerful, determined

Pentacles - money, industry and material gain

Ace of Pentacles - spiritual blessing in the material world, the path of great wealth and prosperity
Two of Pentacles - effort is required to handle multiple situations, care is needed in scheduling time and energy
Three of Pentacles - reward for skills or abilities, success through effort, confidence, inner satisfaction
Four of Pentacles - love of power or money suppresses feelings in other areas, stingy personality
Five of Pentacles - loneliness, extreme poverty, hardships, loss of possessions, seeking spiritual guidance
Six of Pentacles - generosity, good money management and business sense
Seven of Pentacles - effort and hard work will bring financial reward, patience while waiting for benefits of labor
Eight of Pentacles - craftsmanship, skill, handiwork, financial gain from these skills
Nine of Pentacles - things in life are enjoyed alone, solitude
Ten of Pentacles - family and financial security
Page of Pentacles - scholar, opinionated, appreciative of finer things in life
Knight of Pentacles - dependable, capable, diligent
Queen of Pentacles - intelligent, cultured, elegant
King of Pentacles - shrewed, established, successful, sensible, down to earth

Well, there you go, there's my list of tarot card meanings for the Minor Arcana. I hope that you find it useful.

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