Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Tarot Card Meanings - Minor Arcana's Swords and Pentacles

Hi everyone! Here is the list of tarot card meanings for the Swords and Pentacles of the Minor Arcana.

Swords - aggression, force, ambition, courage and misfortune

Ace of Swords - victory, freedom, beginning of a struggle for a noble cause
Two of Swords - indecision, in need of direction
Three of Swords - disappointment, lovers separated, shattered emotions
Four of Swords - temporary exile to rejuvenate emotionally and physically
Five of Swords - temporary advancement, empty victory
Six of Swords - moving away from sorrow to a more peaceful place, smoothing of difficulties
Seven of Swords - betrayal, greed, theft without guilt
Eight of Swords - lack of confidence and motivation, indecision, temporary illness, weakness
Nine of Swords - suffering, doubt, feeling unfulfilled and useless, lack of help or understanding from others
Ten of Swords - failure, pain, tears, accepting ideas and ways of others leads to defeat and ruin
Page of Swords - patient, understanding, sensual, needs concrete results and knows how to get them
Knight of Swords - fearless, confident, career minded, will stop at nothing to get what he wants
Queen of Swords - quick and confident decisions, determined, sharp witted, always on guard
King of Swords - cautious by weighing all options before decisions, a wise counselor, powerful, determined

Pentacles - money, industry and material gain

Ace of Pentacles - spiritual blessing in the material world, the path of great wealth and prosperity
Two of Pentacles - effort is required to handle multiple situations, care is needed in scheduling time and energy
Three of Pentacles - reward for skills or abilities, success through effort, confidence, inner satisfaction
Four of Pentacles - love of power or money suppresses feelings in other areas, stingy personality
Five of Pentacles - loneliness, extreme poverty, hardships, loss of possessions, seeking spiritual guidance
Six of Pentacles - generosity, good money management and business sense
Seven of Pentacles - effort and hard work will bring financial reward, patience while waiting for benefits of labor
Eight of Pentacles - craftsmanship, skill, handiwork, financial gain from these skills
Nine of Pentacles - things in life are enjoyed alone, solitude
Ten of Pentacles - family and financial security
Page of Pentacles - scholar, opinionated, appreciative of finer things in life
Knight of Pentacles - dependable, capable, diligent
Queen of Pentacles - intelligent, cultured, elegant
King of Pentacles - shrewed, established, successful, sensible, down to earth

Well, there you go, there's my list of tarot card meanings for the Minor Arcana. I hope that you find it useful.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Tarot Card Meanings - Minor Arcana

Today I am posting a compact version of the tarot card meanings for Minor Arcana.

The Minor Arcana is made up of 4 suits called Wands, Cups, Swords and Pentacles. Here is the list for the Wands and Cups.

Wands - energy, growth, enterprise, animation and glory

Ace of wands - marks a new beginning in ideas, growth, ambition
Two of Wands - creative, mature and strong personality
Three of Wands - group activities, trade and commerce will flourish, help may come from a successful person
Four of Wands - established home and financial life, prosperity, peace
Five of Wands - change, challenge, competition, difference of opinions, conflict in business
Six of Wands - victory through intelligent decisions and diplomacy, success after a struggle
Seven of Wands - mental and physical strength is needed, effort and courage is needed to stay on top
Eight of Wands - positive change of mind, new ideas, vacation, a journey by air, quick travel to a new location
Nine of Wands - events are near completion or have just been completed, preparedness, strength in reserve
Ten of Wands - depression caused by too much pressure and being overworked but determined to finish project to completion
Page of Wands - charismatic, blunt, edgy, progressive, instinctive, great enthusiasm
Knight of Wands - energetic, restless, impulsive, not ready to settle
Queen of Wands - sincere, loyal, fondness of nature or of home-life, attraction, patient, loving
King of Wands - wise, intelligent, educated, gentlemen, fatherly, passionate, loyal, a good leader

Cups - love, happiness, emotions, fertility and beauty

Ace of Cups - beginning of great love, joy, desires, spiritual enlightenment
Two of Cups - union, commitment, mutual love and understanding
Three of Cups - happiness, celebration, abundance of food and friends
Four of Cups - great opportunities offered from others
Five of Cups - disappointment, guilt, attention is focused on misfortune and regrets
Six of Cups - undemanding love, accepting one for who they are, meeting with a friend from the past
Seven of Cups - unable to choose one's direction in life, need to focus your energy on one goal to assure success
Eight of Cups - positive change of mind, abandonment of one's current path in life, emotional dependence on someone decreases
Nine of Cups - an assured future, physical well-being, self-satisfaction with friends and accomplishments
Ten of Cups - lasting happiness, contentment with the one you love, family and friends
Page of Cups - youthful, gentle, sensitive, kind, artistic, meditative
Knight of Cups - intelligence, romantic dreamer, both convincing and easy to convince
Queen of Cups - spiritual, gentle, a good natured person, generous
King of Cups - authoritative, responsible, ambitious, strong, demands respect

That's it for today but in a few days I will list the tarot card meanings for the Swords and Pentacles.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Tarot Card Meanings - Major Arcana

Tarot card meanings will in the end depend on your interpretation and will also depend upon the type of deck you are using. When you are reading cards, try to follow your inner feelings and go with your first impressions.

Here is a compact list of some of the traditional Tarot Card Meanings:

0. The Fool - beginning, being spontaneous, having faith, youthful folly.
1. The Magician - taking charge, acting consciously, concentrating, experiencing power.
2. The High Priestess - staying nonactive, accessing the unconscious, seeing the potential, sensing the mystery.
3. The Empress - fertility, abundance, experiencing the senses, responding to nature.
4. The Emperor - fathering, emphasizing structure, exercising authority, regulating.
5. The Hierophant - getting an education, having a belief system, conforming, identifying with a group.
6. The Lovers - relating to others, sexual union, establishing personal beliefs, determining values.
7. The Chariot - The driving force, triumph, using your will, asserting yourself.
8. Strength - showing strength, being patient, being compassionate, self-discipline.
9. The Hermit - being introspective, searching, receiving and giving guidance, seeking solitude.
10. Wheel of Fortune - destiny, being at a turning point, feeling movement, having a personal vision.
11. Justice - respecting justice, assuming responsibility, preparing for a decision, understanding cause and effect.
12. The Hanged Man - self-sacrifice, letting go, reversing, suspending.
13. Death - transformation, ending, eliminating excess, events beyond your control.
14. Temperance - being temperate, maintaining balance, experiencing health, combining forces.
15 The Devil - experiencing bondage, focusing on the material, staying in ignorance, feeling hopeless.
16. The Tower - going through sudden change, releasing, falling down, having a revelation.
17. The Star - hope, inspired, generous, feeling serene.
18. The Moon - feeling fear, believing illusions, stimulating the imagination, feeling bewildered.
19. The Sun - becoming enlightened, experiencing greatness, feeling vitality, having assurance.
20. Judgment - making a decision, feeling reborn, hearing a call, finding absolution.
21. The World - integrating, accomplishing, becoming involved, feeling fulfilled.

It's probably a good idea to pick up a Tarot Card Meanings guide to refer to when you are first learning. After a while you will remember the different meanings and all you have to do is follow your feelings to make your own interpretations.

Tarot Card Meanings

There are 78 Tarot Cards which are placed into 2 groups, Major Arcana and Minor Arcana. The cards in the Major Arcana are numbered 0 to 21 and the Minor Arcana are divided into 4 different suits. Each Tarot card has a different meaning and if the card is reversed, this will change the tarot card meanings as well.

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