Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Tarot Card Meanings - Minor Arcana

Today I am posting a compact version of the tarot card meanings for Minor Arcana.

The Minor Arcana is made up of 4 suits called Wands, Cups, Swords and Pentacles. Here is the list for the Wands and Cups.

Wands - energy, growth, enterprise, animation and glory

Ace of wands - marks a new beginning in ideas, growth, ambition
Two of Wands - creative, mature and strong personality
Three of Wands - group activities, trade and commerce will flourish, help may come from a successful person
Four of Wands - established home and financial life, prosperity, peace
Five of Wands - change, challenge, competition, difference of opinions, conflict in business
Six of Wands - victory through intelligent decisions and diplomacy, success after a struggle
Seven of Wands - mental and physical strength is needed, effort and courage is needed to stay on top
Eight of Wands - positive change of mind, new ideas, vacation, a journey by air, quick travel to a new location
Nine of Wands - events are near completion or have just been completed, preparedness, strength in reserve
Ten of Wands - depression caused by too much pressure and being overworked but determined to finish project to completion
Page of Wands - charismatic, blunt, edgy, progressive, instinctive, great enthusiasm
Knight of Wands - energetic, restless, impulsive, not ready to settle
Queen of Wands - sincere, loyal, fondness of nature or of home-life, attraction, patient, loving
King of Wands - wise, intelligent, educated, gentlemen, fatherly, passionate, loyal, a good leader

Cups - love, happiness, emotions, fertility and beauty

Ace of Cups - beginning of great love, joy, desires, spiritual enlightenment
Two of Cups - union, commitment, mutual love and understanding
Three of Cups - happiness, celebration, abundance of food and friends
Four of Cups - great opportunities offered from others
Five of Cups - disappointment, guilt, attention is focused on misfortune and regrets
Six of Cups - undemanding love, accepting one for who they are, meeting with a friend from the past
Seven of Cups - unable to choose one's direction in life, need to focus your energy on one goal to assure success
Eight of Cups - positive change of mind, abandonment of one's current path in life, emotional dependence on someone decreases
Nine of Cups - an assured future, physical well-being, self-satisfaction with friends and accomplishments
Ten of Cups - lasting happiness, contentment with the one you love, family and friends
Page of Cups - youthful, gentle, sensitive, kind, artistic, meditative
Knight of Cups - intelligence, romantic dreamer, both convincing and easy to convince
Queen of Cups - spiritual, gentle, a good natured person, generous
King of Cups - authoritative, responsible, ambitious, strong, demands respect

That's it for today but in a few days I will list the tarot card meanings for the Swords and Pentacles.

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